Saturday, July 9, 2011

About bamboo,,,,

So a recent conversation during a weaving session was about the bamboo growing on Long Island. This happens to be the source of my supply so I have mixed emotions.....apparently there is a feud going on in the Town of Babylon where bamboo is overtaking a man's property. His anger and frustration over the invasive grass is that he is trying to get bamboo outlawed! I know its a problem but is that taking it too far? ...not far enough? Here in Huntington I've been told it is reeking havoc in Lloyd Harbor by invading the marshland. Anywhere you see the beautiful grass growing its incredibly serene- especially to hear the wind and birds- it creates a habitat by taking one away- Isn't this what nature dies on its own? or are we the culprit? My solution is to offer my harvesting services! Ah the things i can make with an abundant supply!!.......

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