Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday update

What an incredible day! started off cold and cloudy and by noon the sun was shining, bands were playing out on the quad and people were everywhere. Anthony and Shawna  stopped by again today to add a helping hand- as did Erica! Yeah !! You guys are awesome! Lots of people interested in the materials , the interaction...swings/ planters and environmental issues...two film crews passed through- one for the student affairs making a video for incoming freshman and the other for the journalism dept. - a group involved in environmental issues...Marta (who went to st anthony's in huntington for those of you who are in the know) was the capable interviewer as was the rest of the crew .....

So many people stopped to help today, Sarah, Hanna, and so many others it was hard to  remember everyones name....but Anthony was the star participant staying till after dark and waiting during the ill timed fire drill to assist in returning materials indoors...and Matt, who is interested in flying jets for the air force who happened to be an eagle scout showed up in the nick of time to assist in tying fantastic knots on the 2nd swing saving the day....and David a botanist, who stopped  is interested in helping with the seasonal plantings...The VP of the school dropped by in the am to let me know how excited he was about the installation and how much the students were enjoying it...i guess thats not a bad sign of a successful installation. Great conversations, and great fun in building with so many cool people!

Tons of pictures to be uploaded well as some really fun video clips!

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